Pedro is a professional bike fitter. His mantra is “everything is a measurement” and this makes him an incredibly precise and thorough individual.

I went to meet Pedro to learn more about my bike and to make sure I was aligned and using proper form (I most certainly was not).

When I arrived, Pedro was lovingly pampering his dog, Otis, with slices of apples and carrots. For the next 90 minutes, I learned so much about not only my riding form and bike mechanics but also about his background, passions and interests.

Pedro is an engineer by background and is training for an Iron Man. When he was younger, he used to compete in triathlons frequently and in the process, decided to dive deep into the realm of bike engineering.

Apparently, this requires significantly more schooling and training. Pedro loves this. It’s his calling. And apparently, he has logged over 100k hours in bike fittings!

Having lived in SoCal and then moving to SF in 1995, he has seen the city change dramatically. When he arrived in NorCal, he lived in Nob Hill and loved the area.

Taking one quick look at my bike (purchased used from a non-profit), he immediately noted that my shifters were broken and were actually from a recalled model (he knew this level of detail because a past girlfriend had these shifters too!).

He then measured me and demonstrated how slight adjustments in my body actually increased my efficiency and decreased my effort significantly.

A total rookie, I peppered him with questions and even got filmed for a PSA urging people to buy helmets that actually fit (I totally thought mine did — I guess my seller bamboozled me).

I was impressed to see how Pedro had pivoted to fitting people to their Peloton’s as well during this time. Apparently during the pandemic, bike sales have increased significantly but so have the number of people who buy bikes blindfolded and ill-informed about their own measurements.

He had walls full of signed jerseys and even got a card while I was in the shop from a lead at Strava who he had just fitted.

I had to ask who the coolest person he had fitted was and his answer warmed my heart: Robin Williams — Mrs. Doubtfire waved kindly from a frame on the wall and it all made sense.

Pedro and Robin were friends for years and Robin would drop by and say hi every now and then.

Pedro shared his passion for his craft with me and reiterated that “everything is a measurement.”

“Use your body as a resource.”

I loved that because it was a completely new way of seeing my body as a resource and as a tool. There’s something really special about knowing that kind of detail about yourself and being able to rely on that information.

Pedro is grateful for his sister (he is one of four siblings and his oldest sister is 10 years older than him). She just lost her mother-in-law so we took a moment to send good thoughts her way.

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